New to Drumming? Know All About It

For those who are interested in learning the drums, the main thing is to have the relevant skills while drumming. Initially it can be a little difficult as there are a lot of things that have to be kept in mind, however over a period of time, you can develop your skills in the right way.

The basic skills that are needed for any drummer is a must as this is how you can actually master the art of drumming. This is why it is really important that you take up a few basic classes or do the relevant research that can help you develop your basic skills. One of the most essential and important items that you would need in order to get started is a good drum kit.

What is a Drum Kit?

What is a Drum Kit?

A Drum Kit else known as a drum set is nothing but a set of drums and cymbals that are placed together with the help of stands. This is a mix of different kinds of drums that are combined together in order for the drummer to use.

The general drum kit would include a modern kit that is standard which is especially meant for players that are right handed. In this you will get –

  • A snare drum which is mounted on a strong stand. This particular drum is placed near the knees and in order to play this particular drum you would need to use sticks.
  • The base drum is operated with the help of the pedal and the right foot is used to play this particular drum.
  • Another thing that is included in the kit is the cymbals. This can be just one or many depending on the size of the drum kit and in order to play it you require the help of the sticks. When you opt for the beginner set, you get three cymbal pieces, the first being the ride cymbal, the crash cymbal as well as hi hat cymbals which often comes in a pair

There is also another kit that is available which is known as the shell pack, in this there are only drums or cymbals without any stands.

Which Kind of Drum Set to Take?

Best Electronic Drum Set Review
Electric Drum Set: source

Now that you know and understand the term drum kit, the next thing what you would need to know is if you need to opt for the Acoustic drum set or the Electronic Drum set. Let us understand this in detail-

  • The electronic drum set gives you the ability to go ahead and practice your drums with the help of headphones. This is ideal for those who live in houses or flats and do not want to disturb the people living around. They have various kinds of tools that are built in which is helpful during the time of practice. With this kit, the one thing you can be sure of is that your drum sticks will last a longer time. This also has a recording facility so that it gives you a better idea of how you are playing the way it sounds.
  • For those who really like the loud sound, the acoustic drum kit is meant for you. Though the loudness can be controlled with the help of silencer pads, these sorts of sets have to be tuned regularly making it a little difficult especially for those who are new to drumming. When you are practicing on such a drum set, you also need to ensure that you use ear plugs otherwise you are at risk of damaging your ears due to the loudness of the sound. These kits are a bit heavy and need a lot of space and if you do not take care of them, it can get scratched or lose its shape easily if the place is damp or it is not kept properly.

Opting for Classes

Opting for Classes

If you are thinking of taking up a class while you are learning the drums, it always best to choose the right kind of teacher or even online lessons. There are different kinds of classes that can be opted for people of various age groups.

Playing the Drums

When you are playing the drums, it is essential that you need to have the right kind of posture as well as you also need to ensure that you hold the sticks correctly.

When you are sitting to play, make sure that your back is straight and your hands are loose enough to maneuvers through the various drums.

You also need to have perfect coordination between your legs and hands when you are drumming. It is also essential to know how to coordinate your movements so that you get the right kind of sound.


The art of drumming is not just restricted to the movements; however it is also how well you coordinate your movements in the right manner to create the right kind of music or sound.

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