Best Guitar Straps

Though guitar straps come in many designs, colors, and styles, the straps are not simply for show. Guitar straps serve an important purpose. They keep your guitar close to you so you can play conveniently and easily without sit while you play. The best guitar straps are durable, sturdy, long lasting, and of course, a bit stylish.

Guitar straps hold up to years of abuse and heavy playing, and a good strap is your companion for many years, becoming softer and more comfortable over time. Beloved brands like Levy’s, Gibson, and Vox manufacture high-quality, best-selling straps that complement many types of guitars and bass guitars.

Choose straps from a variety of styles, and see why some are on the top of many guitarists’ must-have lists.

Best Guitar Straps

Protec Guitar Strap with Leather Ends

A thick but lightweight nylon guitar strap, the Protec guitar strap with leather ends includes a convenient pocket for holding picks. The strap adjusts for the most comfortable, customizable fit, and the high-quality nylon material resists dirt and stains for a longer life.

Levy’s Boot Leather Guitar Strap

Levy’s uses hand-tooled boot leather to craft its durable boot leather guitar strap, and the result is a guitar strap that holds up to anything and looks chic, too. Comfortable and adjustable, the padded, well-made strap is a beautiful and functional addition to your onstage presence.

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