How to Fix Sticky Trumpet Valves and Other Errors

The trumpet is creative musical instruments and contains many technical parts. Sometimes the players facing issues in trumpet due to prolonged usage and hard pressing. Moving parts cause the majority of trumpet have problems.

The moving parts of the trumpet are valves and slides. The mouthpiece can be exposed but will not play on it and movable. Thus, the horn valves are often a matter of players.

Trumpet Oiling and Cleaning

The valve often some problem in pressing due to sticky. When the valve moved ups and downs, they could stop it smoothly and become stuck at different levels. In fact, many horn players are looking for their valves stops in midways, just when they're going to be compressed.

The solution of Sticky Valves:

If your horn valve becomes glue, it can break down the piston and cause the unwanted voice. Solving this problem is easy. Use a suitable valve oil on regular bases. If you play daily routine, it should be done once a week.

If you practice a lot of hours every day, your valve oil should be done twice a week or three times a week. Due to this your valve more smooth in pressing and safe from any harsh friction.

Best way to valve oiling:

The Oiling the valve, not a critical task very easy and quick process. But if you are the student and no any experience in oiling then read out given tips for better and proper result.

    • Firstly place the trumpet on flat location.
    • The unscrew the valve and remove from the main body.
    • While pushing back the valve from body dont apply any force.
    • Do not pull it out completely one time; You should slowly in several steps.
    • After doing this job Place several drops in the shaft. Be care fill oil not get in the holes.
    • Push back in valve casting and pressing it much time.
    • You feel that valve working correctly with smooth pressing.

Recommend fine quality oils:

Many kind of trumpet valve oil available on market with different quality. In this some are best for your valve piston smoothness and long life. But some are comes in bad quality that provides no any out put.

In below we draw table with each product cause of selection and also these valve oil selected after get outstanding testing result. Its provides your trumpet valve stuck less pressing and smoothness as well as durability.

Amazon's Choice

Blue Juice Valve Oil

Blue Juice Valve Oil

Cause Of Selection

One of the most efficient oil with quick acting and approach deep surface. That is long lasting and scientifically Blended. So keep you trumpet also cleaning internally.  

Expert's Choice

Ultra Pure Oils UPO valve oil

Ultra Pure Oils UPO Valve Oil

Cause Of Selection

If you need nontoxic, synthetic and pure ultra oil for piston or rotors. Its totally odorless and non-flammable liquidized. Long lasting efficient oil so you can use for long time.   

Amazon's Choice

Ultra-Pure UPO-RFL Valve Oil

Ultra-Pure UPO-RFL Valve Oil

Cause Of Selection

That is ultra Pure REL valve oil comes in 8-Oz refilled bottle. Odorless and non toxic that easily approach deep/critical part of trumpet like piston, action valve and inlaid button.   

The following products also describe with detailed for more batter guidance to trumpet users. More that these content provides you easy comparison among three selected valve oil bottles. 

Blue Juice Valve Oil:

Blue Juice Valve Oil

The best oil ever due amazing fact acting. Only few drops placed in casting tube valve as well as valve areas. Then pressing valve few time and finally your sticky valve working properly. Its a long lasting oil and no need to use regularly. Before apply you must clean inner areas of trumpet. This oil keep safe and clean internal areas of trumpet.


  • Very efficient and little amount enough for sticky valve.
  • Make your trumpet long lasting and provide better sound quality.
  • Comes in transparent bottle in which easy judge quantity.
  • Provides smoothness and cleaning movable parts.
  • Little price range.

( Check Price and more Detail )

Ultra-Pure Oils UPO-VALVE Professional Valve Oil:

Ultra-Pure Oils UPO-VALVE Professional Valve Oil

The Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil provides outstanding lubrication that makes piston or rotating valves and trombone slides more smoothly. It is non-toxic, synthetic oil that contains an extended vent and can be used without edibility of swelling or discoloration valves. Ultra-pure oil advanced players like Bobby Shew, Wynton Marsalis, Arturo Sandoval, Chris Botti, Alison Balsom and Kiku Collins. This product get in a 2-ounce bottle with a dropper applicator.

When you use Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil for the first time, we recommend that you remove the valves and lower valve caps for oil ventilation and scroll down on old oils. Or you can have your horn batsomeh and dry. Use a lot of oils first few times to avoid all the old oils and debris.

For normal re-oil, carefully pull out the piston cover and use three to five drops per wallet. Even if your vent is good, it is good to do it once a week, follow the metal and rinse the small particles that can lower your valve. If you're in a hurry, you can stand in the middle of the piston about half of the exit and oil. But all the way out is the best.‚Äč


  • That is pure oil and nontoxic.
  • Synthetic so useful for old piston valve. 
  • Run this oil long lasting.
  • Its make as odorless.
  • Its Non-flammable oil.

( Check Price and more Detail )

Blue Juice Valve Oil 8 Oz:

Blue Juice Valve Oil 8 Oz

The other best valve oil comes in stack-able shape for Safety and Storage. Made with high efficiency ingredient with water proof material. Carved based for better stability and low chance for losing liquidized from bottle. That made with refined petroleum product that's especially effective on sensitive musical instrument valves.


  • Its anti-corrosion ingredient for extra protection of valve.
  • Not extra thick oil so easy approach in smart holes.
  • Enough quantity so usable for long time.
  • Famous as blue juice for musical instrument.
  • Very affordable price.

( Check Price and more Detail )

Usually occur problem after oiling:
  • If you unable the air blow in trumpet after oiling: This is the result of blocking the valve due to wrongly adjusted. To solve this problem, remove the valves (one) and make sure the engraved number is directed to row and fixed properly.
  • The valves are very sticky: This often happens because the oil is in the case require more for removing massive dryness. To solve this problem, obliterate the valve and use a clean cloth to remove it. Add more oil and put it back. You may need to clean the valve that you can do by the lower valve.

What is proper solution in case of air leaking:

This is not a usually happen daily and create leakage easily, with new trumpets. Veins can be damaged, and the problem starts in leakage form when the device is regularly used. To reduce air leakage (at least temporarily) use heavyweight valve oil (e.g., even if you are going to need a valve work, which means that your horn is professionally repaired.


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